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The Mandalorian Armorers

The following post contains spoilers for “The Mandalorian.” – Mandalorian Armorer’s

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), the spiritual head of his religion, has forgiven him in the most recent episode of “The Mandalorian” (Emily Swallow). Din, of course, became an apostate after taking off his helmet, which is against the rules for Mandalorians of his sect once they wear it, as we saw this season. The Armorer advised him to take a bath in the living waters in the Mines of Mandalore to improve his condition. Naturally, she didn’t think Din could accomplish it because the world is allegedly still in ruins as a result of the Night of a Thousand Tears occurrences.

The air is now breathable even though it has been damaged, so Din, Grogu, and Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) go to the mines. They have returned to Armorer’s covert after completing their task to have his status changed. She gladly lifts Bo-helmet Katan’s as well because she took a bath in the same waters as him and hasn’t taken it off since. Even if Bo-Katan doesn’t adhere to the sect’s regulations, the way the scene was filmed shows that the acceptance has had an impact on her.

It has sounded severe ever since we first learned about the prohibition on taking off one’s helmet in public, not even in front of the family. The regulation is unique to this sect, and despite Din’s experiences, the Armorer is refusing to make an exception for him. But the Armorer has never come out as unfair, standing up for her beliefs while remaining kind to those who don’t share them.

Recently, Swallow met with Sarah Bea Milner of a film about the program and inquired about the reasons for her ability to strike a mix between support and rigor.

She upholds what is morally right and truthful.

The Mandalorian Star Wars Movie
The Mandalorian Star Wars Movie

The Armorer is the moral leader of the clandestine she runs in addition to producing bear armor and working on weapons. As far as we are aware, Mandalore was destroyed, and its inhabitants were dispersed across the galaxy. In a particularly moving scene, Mando teaches Grogu the importance of knowing how to navigate so that he is never alone as a Mandalorian. It becomes even more crucial to have someone who can preserve the tradition because their people are dispersed and removed from their home worlds. Swallow declared:

“She seems to uphold what is true and sacred, at least that’s what I hope. She is the one who has served as the Mandalorian people’s “heart and soul,” reminding them of the principles that have kept them united. Despite the fact that many of them have felt it is not worthwhile to adhere to the creed, it has been the thing that has kept the majority of them together and the thing that they have felt is most authentic to them.”

She is not, however, dogmatic as a result. She has demonstrated multiple times that she is still receptive to hearing and education. As she finds out about Grogu’s feelings and his mission, she accepts him into Din’s clan of two and designates him as Grogu’s father. She informs Din that he cannot escape his apostatic state since she doesn’t think Mandalore is reachable but that she is open to hearing what he has to say about the traveler who made it to the surface. She doesn’t seem upset or angry at being proven wrong when he comes back. Furthermore, despite what she had mentioned about Bo-views Katan’s and how they conflict with hers, she extends without reservation or even a request for redemption to her.

She is open to listening

Swallow said as much stating the importance of listening to opposing views
Swallow said as much stating the importance of listening to opposing views

“She is also someone who, in my opinion, cares about her people and is receptive to hearing. This season, as we were filming, we spoke a lot about the value of being open to hearing opposing viewpoints. I believe the Armorer is at least open to listening. Although she doesn’t always concur, she is willing to hear different points of view. She probably is aware that communication and progress are crucial components. She doesn’t shy away from a fight.”

Swallow claims she has been questioned about how she treats Din when she declares him to no longer be a Mandalorian at conventions. Others questioned her on how she managed to expel him from the organization. She clarified:

“I said, ‘I didn’t do anything to him.’ That was a creed, that was an oath that he had willingly taken. Then he willingly made the choice to remove his helmet. When you make a choice, there are consequences. That doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. We learn so much from going against decisions that we’ve made … he maybe didn’t fully weigh the pros and cons of that decision in the moment, but he knew there would be consequences.”

Despite her stern exterior, the Armorer is just informing him of the effects of his decisions. She neither criticizes nor begs for help. Din already understands what she’s teaching him: there are consequences for breaking the rules. She also says Bo is free to leave at any time and doesn’t criticize her for her decisions. She’s an intriguing character, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she evolves.

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