One Piece chap 1082 Update

One Piece chap 1082

One Piece Chap 1082 title: “Let’s go take it”.

The cover is that Chopper mistook Zeus for cotton candy so he ate it.

At the beginning of the chapter, it was announced that T-Bone had died due to someone trying to get a bounty from the Cross Guild. During the headquarters cafe, Sengoku and Tsuru discuss the rise of the Cross Guild. Hina appeared. Sengoku asks where Garp is. He wanted to give Garp a “new taste of Okaki”. Hina testified that Garp went with SWORD and Kujaku to rescue Koby. Sengoku and Tsuru were extremely surprised to hear this news.

The chapter continues with the situation at Karai Bari Island, the Cross Guild base. Buggy is sending money to the family of the person who killed T-Bone. The killer will join the Cross Guild and be protected by Buggy.

The Cross Guild’s ship has been completed. It has the same head as Buggy and has a clown theme. Crocodile and Mihawk saw this and hit Buggy once.

Crocodile said he wanted to use the Cross Guild to complete his plan to build Utopia. This will be a military nation strong enough to not be threatened by any force. Mihawk gives Crocodile a few tips for a smoother plan.

Buggy heard that and protested because “that’s not what real pirates do”. Flashback to 24 years ago, the day Roger was executed. In Loguetown, Buggy asks Shanks if he should go find One Piece. Shanks isn’t sure, but he says he will continue to be a pirate and asks Buggy to join the crew. Buggy disagrees. He was a little angry because Buggy hoped that Shanks would follow in Roger’s footsteps and become the next Pirate King. Buggy gave up his ambition when he knew he was no match for Shanks. Buggy then runs off saying that he will not forgive Shanks for losing the treasure map.

Back in the present, Buggy asks Crocodile and Mihawk about Shanks. Knowing Shanks was about to act, Buggy was furious.

Maybe it’s luck and chance, but I also aspire to be like him. I want to be the Pirate King!

Crocodile criticized Buggy for being delusional. Mihawk asks if Buggy wants them to fight all the other Yonko on his orders. Buggy says this is a treasure war. What you need to do is find the treasure first!

Buggy took the mic and “motivated” all his subordinates to go with him to find One Piece. Crocodile and Mihawk were angry but there was nothing they could do.

In the last developments, we come to the kingdom of Kamabakka. The 4 commanders of the Revolutionary Army are happy that Sabo has returned safely. As it turned out earlier, Sabo was on a ship carrying Lulusian citizens who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army. Entering the conference room with Dragon and Ivankov, Sabo said he would tell the whole truth about what happened at Mary Geoise!

Next week there will be a new chapter.

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