One Piece Chap 1084 New Update

One Piece Chap 1084

One Piece Chap 1084 – Title: Attempted Murder of Celestial Dragon

  • Color Spread: One Piece Girls Playing In The Sea.
  • Cobra talks to the Gorousei about Queen Lily of Alabasta. She was one of the 20 founders of the world government in the past but refused to become a celestial dragon.
  • Queen Lily went missing after leaving the country. Cobra asks Gorousei where she went, but they don’t know.
  • Charlos-sei captures Shirahoshi, but Sai and Leo defeat him and save Shirahoshi.
  • Morley frees Kuma.
  • At the end of the chapter, Imu appears and talks to Cobra.
  • Imu: “Lily…”

Source: Redon