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Harrison Ford’s Recast Marvel Character: First Look

Harrison Fords Recast Marvel Character

From the Captain America: New World Order set, the first images of Harrison Ford as the recast General “Thunderbolt” Ross in the MCU have surfaced. Since William Hurt, who played Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, passed away in March of last year, Ford is slated to make his Marvel Studios debut, playing the enduring […]

Thunderbolts’ new writer is Beef creator Lee Sung Jin.

Thunderbolts Lee Sung Jin

“Thunderbolts,” a film that will bring some of Marvel’s shadier characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a sort of Dark Avengers, is one of the more intriguing projects on Marvel Studio’s slate. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Fontaine, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, David Harbour’s Red Guardian, Olga Kurylenko as Taskmaster, Hannah […]

How Season 4’s Biggest Event Left Succession Star Brian Cox Feeling

Brain Cox Succession Season 4

There are spoilers in this article for the “Succession” season 4 premiere. Logan Roy (Brian Cox) displays exceptional form in the “Succession” season 4 premiere. In a modest diner, the formidable media mogul enjoys a rare moment of reflection. He is estranged from his family and turns to his security guard, Colin, who is one […]

“Suzume” Review

Suzume Review

Writer-director Makoto Shinkai has become a well-known name in mainstream anime discussions since his 2016 hit Your Name made anime history with its impressive run of critical and commercial success. His distinct aesthetic and voice result in films that balance reality and fantasy with breathtaking beauty and heartfelt sincerity. Suzume is no exception: a delightful, […]

Exclusive Interview: Jodie Turner-Smith Discusses Murder Mystery 2 and Joining the Star Wars Universe

Jodie Turner Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith Discusses Murder Mystery 2 and Joining the Star Wars Universe. Murder Mystery premiered on Netflix in June 2019 with a bang. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s combined star power broke Netflix records at the time, with nearly 30.9 million reported households watching the film. Sandler’s most successful Netflix hit was Murder Mystery, and […]

Review of the ‘Succession’ Season 4 Premiere: The Last Countdown

Succession Season 4

Fans were understandably a little taken aback when it was abruptly announced just a few weeks before Succession Season 4 debuted that this would be the show’s final season. The HBO original series’ creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong had always been careful to construct a story that didn’t go on for too long, but with […]

The announcement of Laurence Fishburne’s return to the MCU

Laurence Fishburne Announces His Marvel Cinematic Universe Return

The actor who plays Giant-Man/Goliath, Laurence Fishburne, revealed his comeback date to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a recent interview. Fishburne himself seemed to have forgotten that he played Bill Foster in Ant-Man and the Wasp back in 2018. Those who are unaware of Fishburne’s MCU character are not alone. The character hasn’t been referenced […]

‘Magazine Dreams’ Review

Magazine Dreams Review Jonathan Majors Starring

For better or worse, Magazine Dreams has established itself as one of the Sundance Film Festival’s most talked-about movies. The jurors left the premiere because there wasn’t enough closed captioning. With a performance that received universal acclaim, lead actor Jonathan Majors’ growing career is also continuing to soar. The movie itself has somehow escaped serious […]