One Piece Chap 1090

Cover Page: Captain Kuro is reading a book with some cats.
We continue in the events of Egg Head, where we see that Kizaru has already arrived on the island where the crew is, using the “Yatano Kagami” technique.
The Gorosei Saturn talks to Luffy through Den Den Mushi and Luffy tells him that he will become the king of pirates and Morgans is eavesdropping and eavesdropping on them.
Robin is with the straw hat crew.
The Seraphim are enclosed in Gigantic Bubbles.
S-Snake has fallen in love with Luffy, so he canceled Franky’s petrification.
Kizaru arrives at Egghead Island and Sentomaru blocks one of Kizaru’s lightsabers.
The crew thinks of escaping to Elbaf Island with the Vegapunk Machines.
York put a password on the island so no one can escape.
At the end of the chapter, Luffy notices something through his observation of haki and says that a mighty person has arrived.
The very powerful person Luffy notices that have come Egghead Island is Admiral Kizaru.