Secret Invasion Finale Gets Worst-Ever RT Score In MCU History

Secret Invasion Finale

Secret Invasion Finale recently broke the record for the lowest-rated MCU episode ever on Rotten Tomatoes.

A significant portion of the Marvel Studios fans was dissatisfied with what they ultimately received from Disney+’s Secret Invasion, which has since come and gone.

The series was marketed as the franchise’s first “crossover event” series and a straightforward “espionage thriller,” however many people felt that it did not measure up to expectations.

This is also evident in the series’ Rotten Tomatoes ratings, with Secret Invasion presently having the lowest overall MCU rating.

The MCU Episodes with the Worst Ratings

The Secret Invasion conclusion has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes reviewer approval rating of any individual episode of a Disney+ series produced by Marvel Studios.

The following is a list of the MCU episodes with the worst platform ratings:

She-Hulk Season 6 Rating: 70%


The current Rotten Tomatoes rating for She-Hulk Episode 6 (“Just Jen”) is 70%. The episode featured Tatiana Maslany’s eponymous character taking a break from her heroic tasks to attend a high school friend’s wedding.

Many considered “Just Jen” to be the lowest point of the Disney+ legal comedy series because it largely ignored the superhero antics and concentrated entirely on its contentious comedic features.

Secret Invasion Episode 1: 52%

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At least critically, Secret Invasion didn’t get off to a great start. As Nick Fury discovers a covert invasion of the Skrull aliens, the miniseries began with a 52% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Resurrection, the first episode, attracted criticism for having a “written by committee” vibe and for Maria Hill’s (Cobie Smulders’) contentious demise as a beloved Avengers character.

Secret Invasion Episode 2: 50% / Secret Invasion Episode 5: 50%

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Secret Invasion Episodes 2 and 5 (with the respective titles “Promises” and “Harvest”) are tied for third place. Following Talos’ death, Episode 5 had Nick Fury preparing to face Gravik and the Skrull Rhodey. Episode 2 focused on Nick Fury being discharged from his duties by the Skrull impersonating James Rhodes.

These two episodes have a lot of the same issues, with critics pointing out that they had the makings of fantastic episodes but the writing and uninspired narrative prevented them.

Secret Invasion Episode 3: 38% / Secret Invasion Episode 4: 38%

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The second-place tie is between Secret Invasion Episodes 3 and 4. The two episodes are now at 38%, and as Nick Fury continued to learn more about Gravik’s Skrull conspiracy, his close buddy and fellow conspirator Talos perished.

Another point brought up in complaints of these two is the subpar writing seen throughout the entire series. However, the most irritating plot device is the sudden death and subsequent resurrection of G’iah, played by Emilia Clarke.

Secret Invasion Episode 6: 13%

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Secret Invasion Finale

The Secret Invasion conclusion is the MCU streaming equivalent of the bottom of the barrel. On Rotten Tomatoes, Episode 6 presently has a 13% critic approval rating. It came after Nick Fury and G’iah thwarted the Skrull conspiracy and prevented a full-scale Skrull-human war by sparing the world.

The Secret Invasion disappointed in the end, opting for yet another CGI-fest climax confrontation with little rationale for why this series needed to exist in the first place after being touted by Samuel L. Jackson himself as “so good” before its debut.

Disney+ currently has Secret Invasion accessible for streaming.